June 2013

Almost everyone is using social media nowadays, whether it be Facebook, Linked in or google+. However the most popular social media site at the moment seems to be Twitter. It’s become so popular infact that the word ‘tweet’ has recently been added to the Oxford English dictionary.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a social networking site which allows you to write short 140 character messages (Tweets) and post them so that your subscribers (known as followers) can see the latest news etc about your business.
You can add videos, pictures and links to other websites or blogs to your tweets to so that you can direct people to other pages if they are interested in what you have to say and if they want to know more.

It is vital that if you are using Twitter to tweet regularly, no one is going to follow you if you haven’t tweeted in months. Try your best to tweet at least a few times a week or per day if you have enough time.

Adding hashtags to your tweets can also increase your followers. If you are tweeting about SEO add #SEO to the end of the tweet so that people who are interested in this are more likely to see it and interact with you.

Why link your Twitter to your website?
Linking your Twitter to your website can be extremely beneficial for your business. For example it helps you to understand who your customers are and also builds trust between you and your customers by interacting with them. It also provides branding and identity for your business.

It can also help companies find out who their competitors are. By looking at what they are offering and how much they are selling certain products for compared to your business.

Clients like the fact that they can add their Twitter feed to their websites so that their customers are always able to access the latest news about their company or business easily and regularly. This means that businesses don’t have to be constantly updating their websites, instead they can simply send a tweet from either their computer or their smart phone and it will appear instantly onto their website saving them time.

People are finding errors with this method though as Twitter feeds come with a standard design meaning that sometimes it doesn’t fit in with the companies website design. If the clients website has a patterned background, sometimes they may have to settle with a standard Black or White box in the middle of their webpage which may make it look out of place and make the website itself look unproffesional.

There is a way that this can be prevented. If you don’t want the whole of your Twitter feed to appear on your webpage you could just add the Twitter button which customers can click and be instantly directed to your Twitter page to find recent news and updates. However this may not be the best way as the Twitter button is usually small and hidden away at the top or bottom of your website where customers may not be able to see it.