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Ebay Pulling the Plug on Magento Go!

Magento Go owners Ebay have decided to shut down the Ecommerce platform after three years of ownership. Ebay purchased Magento Go back in 2011 for an alleged 180 million dollars.

The site that is aimed at smaller online businesses has decided to shut down as they want to focus on their other resources, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition. Magento Go has helped thousands of small to medium sized businesses kick start their online presence and with selling their products and services online.  The announcement has received a lot of negative responses due to the fact clients will have to move their sites to another platform.

Closing Date: February 1st 2015

Users of the service will have received an email informing them that as of February 1st 2015 the platform will no longer exist and will be removed from the web… However the site will still be up and running over the busy holiday and Christmas season which is great for users who have likely already made plans and preparations for this time of year. Magento Go will be providing support up until February 1st 2015, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding this major change then do not hesitate to get into contact with them.

Transfer Magento Go

All current users of Magento Go must transfer their site to an alternative platform which will support their Ecommerce site. Your best option is to move your site over to Magento Community Edition, we at Le1 Internet Marketing can help you with this and even do the hard work for you if you’d prefer.


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Responsive Web Design

In the past it was completely necessary to have a separate mobile version of a website as well as having the original site. But now a days things are different and it is now a lot easier to have one site that serves lots of different purposes. This is called responsive web design.

When a user changes from their desktop computer to their IPhone they want to be able to see the exact same content they saw on their computer, on their IPhone.

How Does This Work?

A responsive website will change the way the site appears and change the layout depending on the size of the screen the site is being displayed on. These responsive sites can usually be designed to make page text larger and much easier to read on a smaller phone or tablet screen. Many are also configured to make it easier to click buttons and tabs on the sites menus.

Sites can also be formatted to hide information or even bring up completely different information as well as changing images and colours.

Changing your site to a responsive site doesn’t have to be expensive either and in a lot of cases an existing site can just be upgraded to be responsive.