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Any business needs to be visible to potential customers otherwise how will they know you exist!


How can we help you…

Your website looks good and has all of your amazing products listed at the cheapest prices around…BUT nobody is buying online!

This is one of the most common problems we see, even though you have a website nobody can find it. We combine all the internet marketing techniques of SEO, Pay Per Click and Email Newsletters. When all or even just one of these is optimised for your website and products the results will be potential customers finding your website.

It does not stop there…converting visitors in to customers is the end goal.

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimisation” this is not as complicated as it sounds, when someone uses google or bing etc.. to search on the internet the top showed results usually have had SEO work done to help get their website to show at the top.


Organic Search Results

When viewing google and the searched results there are 2 areas you need to be aware of.
The main central area is called the organic search results, there are also advert areas at the top 3 positions and down the right hand side.

The organic area is by far the most rewarding for websites selling products or services but is the hardest to get to the top. The organic area is also the most trusted by the majority of internet users. Ongoing SEO work will gradually boost your website higher in the search results for chosen keywords.

Warning – Google uses history and location…

Is your website really top of Google?

Google uses your own history of browsing the internet to display to you results that google thinks you will like based upon past history.
Location is another way google likes to be helpful for those searching, your ip address or preferences can indicate your geographic location, this is used to display results better suited to you.
We show you the real ranking position and monitor ongoing improvements in search engines, with your own login so you can keep track of your websites SEO performance.

Working with your current website to improve areas or just increase the visibility in google.

Or create a new unique website that will be found easier by google users. Basic websites through to complex e-commerce or CMS (content management systems).


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Google offers a pay per click advertising service that can benefit most businesses if used efficiently.

Depending on competition and keywords this can become expensive, we offer a management service that keeps a track of how your campaigns are performing. This keeps your click costs down saving you money on every click.

We structure your Adwords campaigns to match your products or services. With regular checks and alterations to keep on top of keywords and advert click through rates.

Our company has experience managing Adword campaigns of all levels, including Search, Shopping and the Display network. This adds the reassurance for you that your advertising budget is in good hands, and we endeavour to increase your Return On Investment.

Keeping in touch with past customers can be a great way to increase sales.

email newsletters

We help you find the best way to get in touch without annoyance. This can be achieved with offers and informational email newsletters. Templates can be set up to your existing branding, for you to then change the content and send yourselves. This can save small businesses money by having an internal member of staff work on these. Although we also offer a regular service to help out with the amendments.

Our unique newsletter email service allows easy adjustments with a simple test send and then a final list sending.
Costs depend on how many customer or newsletter sign ups you have in your list.

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The internet is a source of interaction for both personal use and businesses.

internet marketing graph

Networking has always been a part of any business, some benefit more than others.
Meeting your current or potential customers online offers a great opportunity to increase orders and improve customer service.

Choosing the right tools

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, google+ are the main players in online interaction.
How can we help you…we can guide you through the maze and set your business up on the medias that can benefit you. Information on the best ways to interact and make use of the time needed for making your business more social on the internet.

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All of the above services are an aid to achieve the final goal of sales.

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Getting potential customers to your website is only the 1st step. Once landing on your website you really want these visitors to be turned into customers. Final adjustments on your website making it attractive and easy to use, leading visitors in the best direction.

Getting website visitors to convert to customers is the final piece to internet marketing.

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