Social Media

Now a source of direct potential customers, web traffic and is proven to help your website rankings due to Google algorithm updates.

Why Social Media Marketing


Twitter is a very popular social media site when it comes to promoting and getting businesses noticed by potential clients. It is the easiest way to contact and answer customers questions or queries simply and efficiently. Take a look at our tutorials showing you how to add your existing Twitter account to your official website:

1, Using Twitter
2, Adding a Twitter feed on your website



Facebook is the most frequently used social media site in the world with over 500 million active users to date. Most of Facebook’s members use the site for their own personal use catching up with their friends and family. However more and more businesses are learning that Facebook is one of the leading ways to promote their company and to gain more and more new clients just by liking, sharing and advertising their business and products within the site.



Google+ is a professional social media platform aimed at a technical savy audience. Content is king and Google+ allows sharing content in more ways than any other social platform, making it a most for those using inbound content marketing and SEO.

Google has the tools to keep the user engagement all ages, personal to business. This makes it more future proof than most other social media platforms.



The social media site LinkedIn is designed specifically for those in professional occupations and it’s main use is for professional networking and not for personal use, proving very different to other more popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where you can have both a personal and a business account. This is very beneficial if you are only on the web to promote your company.



We also provide Social Media Training, either small groups at our training room, 121 sessions or for your own staff at your offices.

Social Media Management

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